Commercial / Custom Awnings

Boree Commercial Awnings servicing businesses in north Florida and South Georgia

Having a commercial awning will let your business look its best while setting it apart from the rest.

Condo and Hotel exterior awnings, protection

Today’s commercial awnings can flatter any building, offer energy saving benefits, and protect your customers from the environment. Boree Canvas Unlimited offers professional grade custom built commercial awnings from custom fabrication to custom installation. We perform all of the work in-house, therefore the warranties are official.

Boree Commercial Awnings for shops in plazas

We use the R.F. Welding machine, which has the capability to weld vinyl and the Acrylic Welding machine, which has the capability of welding Sunbrella fabric. Both machines perform heat sealed seaming which is waterproof and creates invisible seams. Opposed to sewn seams, which are visible and rot, causing a leak in the awning.

Boree stylish chic Commercial Awnings

Boree Canvas Unlimited is the only awning company in North Florida and South Georgia to have Sunbrella Graphics System thus there are endless possibilities for a graphic design or logo. There is no job too big or small for Boree Canvas Unlimited, Inc.! Call us at 904-388-8770 for a Free Estimate.

Additional Commercial Awning & Canopy Photos

Jacksonville business with Boree awnings
Boree Commercial Awnings on Starbucks building in Jacksonville
Boree multi-colored exterior Awnings
deck protection for customers
custom fabricated awnings and walkway covers