Drop Curtains

Boree Drop Curtains on restaurant patio

Drop Curtains are the perfect solution for entertaining and relaxing.

Boree Drop Curtains protect from wind and weather when desired

Clear, vinyl drop curtains, sometimes called roll up curtains, are an advantage for both residential and commercial buildings. Drop curtains allow homes to expand their living space and restaurants to continue outdoor seating during unpleasant weather. Drop down curtains protect against the wind, rain, sun and the cold.

Boree Drop Curtains can be used to block out sun from windows

To protect specifically against the sun, solar screen is the answer. Solar screens not only provide excellent protection but reduce glare and manage heat from the sun. It is an energy efficient device helping you save more energy and money. Solar screens offer privacy while still being able to have a clear view outside your home or business.

Boree Drop Curtains make an outdoor patio indoors!

Drop curtains/roll up curtains and solar screens come in a variety of colors and can be custom built by Boree Canvas Unlimited. We will be more than glad to assist you to ease your decision process. Call us for a free estimate!

Additional Photos

Boree Drop Curtains keep wind and weather out but let sun in
cover walkways and entrances to shops and businesses